During her candidacy, Loxton made many promises, most of which she has broken. We list some of them here and provide below, all of her candidate statements for your reference. We believe that a person should live up to their promises, the promises on which we all rely to determine how to cast our votes, because it demonstrates integrity. To not do so reflects a serious lack thereof and, in our opinion, qualifies that person to be recalled, as they are undeserving of the post for which they made false promises to get.

BROKEN PROMISE #1: Loxton declared "With your vote, I will continue to represent your best interests. My agenda is to work for what you, the members, want and to make sure that all members are treated fairly and equally."

That's actually laughable because she has literally done everything BUT that. How would she even know what we, the members want? Has she contacted you? Ever? Have you received a member survey from her on a specific topic, asking for your opinion or feelings? No? We haven't either...

BROKEN PROMISE #2: On 8/27/22, in a letter to members, Loxton said "When I become a member of the will no longer need my ALA Board Meeting summaries because we will be open and transparent with you. We will not hide things in Closed Session".

Right... I'm sure that's why she immediately formed and inserted herself into the "Litigation Committee" - a Closed Door, Closed Session, totally confidential committee which makes unilateral decisions regarding the STR lawsuit behind the backs of, and with ZERO input from us members WHO ARE FUNDING THE LAWSUIT. On top of that, it is rumored that she maintains a personal friendship/relationship with one of the plaintiffs in the STR lawsuit. If that is, in fact, true, that is certainly not "open and transparent". In fact, it is as far from "open and transparent" as it could possibly be. In addition, it represents a HUGE conflict of interest which, in and of itself, could be grounds for Loxton's RECALL...

Oh, and we wonder if the following (from the ALA website) is what Loxton meant by "we will be open and transparent", and "We will not hide things in Closed Session"?:

01-28-2023 CLOSED Agenda
01-28-2023 REVISED CLOSED Agenda
02-22-2023 CLOSED Agenda
03-30-2023 CLOSED Board Agenda
03-30-2023 CLOSED Board Agenda - REVISED
04-24-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda
04-26-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda
05-03-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda
05-15-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda
05-15-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda - REVISED
06-09-2023 SPECIAL CLOSED Agenda (posted 6/7/23 @ 9:30 AM)

BROKEN PROMISE #3: "I will have the lake trails fixed and maintained for member safety".

     After recently voting to increase the budget by ~$200,000 to hire more maintenance workers to do this job, it did not get done and, in fact, it had to be done by member volunteers.

BROKEN PROMISE #4: "I will put a stop to Pet Projects and make sure your money is for upkeep of our existing properties"

     So far, Loxton has put through at least two Pet Projects - dock starts (her friends like to do this) and dredging (right in the cove of some of her best friends) - and we're not even a year into her term... And she voted for that dredging which was a huge failure because they dredged in the middle of winter after being warned not to, AND we got 44% of what we paid for, after which they called the failed project "a success"... Go figure...

BROKEN PROMISE #5: "I will conduct member polls on important and expensive projects and then act on the results"

     Right... Has anyone seen any surveys on any important or expensive projects? No? That's because there aren't any.

BROKEN PROMISE #6: "I will prevent costly mistakes"

     Well, she certainly didn't "prevent" the dredging mistake ($254,000) or the gate and fence that had to be taken down because it is on private property (estimated at $200,000), among many others, like allowing STR access to docks...

BROKEN PROMISE #7: "I will make sure all Directors follow all Bylaws, Policies & Rules"

     Right... Even the ones Loxton and her fellow cronies on this Board decide to change. Like the Member to Member Communications System...

     Loxton supported the Board's unnecessary and unfair decision back in May 2023, to change the way members communicate with each other, implementing a system which is far more difficult to use, and which forces members to log in to the ALA website to read member emails, and forces us to do so before they ERASE them - yes, ERASE them! So, if you miss them, they are gone forever AND members are not allowed to even copy them. They're just GONE forever. Furthermore, Loxton and her cronies on this Board are now CENSORING those communications and removing important information and links from them...

AND... if you click on the "NEW BUSINESS G. Member to Member Communication" link in the Revised Agenda for May 2023, it takes you to a page that says "File #14 05-20-2023 NEW BUSINESS G. Member Communications has been deleted. Please contact an organization admin for more information."

Wow... Talk about shady business... Censoring and erasing member emails? Making it difficult for members to communicate with each other? This is the stuff from dictatorial communist regimes...! Are we in China? North Korea?

Furthermore, in the Spring 2023 ALA Survey, of the 81% of the roughly 1000 members who responded, who expressed a preference in this email matter, 55% of those want the previous email system back, compared to 45% who want the emails posted on the website. In spite of this MAJORITY of members who want the previous system, Loxton and her Board decided to keep the new system in place.

There was/is absolutely no reason to replace the previous system, other than to STIFLE, CENSOR, SUPPRESS and HIDE and ERASE forever, complaints about Loxton and this Board's behavior and actions, from the membership... Really, though, can you blame her and her Board buddies?

Could this be what Loxton meant when she said "I will conduct member polls on important...projects and then act on the results"? From where we sit, that was just another pathetic lie...

Loxton makes up a lot of useless rules in Lake Safety that take away member rights. She promised no bylaw changes without a member vote, yet bylaws have been changed without a member vote.

We believe Loxton should be RECALLED for not living up to most of the campaign promises she made to Members who trusted and voted for her in the October 2022 election, and for her many egregious acts to date - including implementing the new repressive and unnecessary Communications System which the majority of members do NOT want - which are, in our opinion, NOT in the best interest of ALA members.

If you agree, please sign the petition so that we can replace her with a Director with integrity, who believes that her purpose should be to serve the membership instead of making sweetheart deals that benefit her friends...