Following are just SOME of the things Directors Jim Hannon, David Dahl, Bud Macer and Alan Kaitz have done to deserve to be recalled (campaign statements from these individuals are included below for your reference, as well as to offer PROOF of their false campaign promises):

ALAN KAITZ: During his campaign, he said the following:

"It is important that we RESTORE our Private, Member-Friendly, Transparent Association!

I want to KEEP OUR LAKE PRIVATE!, Enhance Transparency, and Honesty, Limit Fee Increases, and most importantly, to restore a MEMBER-FRIENDLY ALA. We believe in Transparency. We believe in soliciting Member input on important matters of change."

So what did Kaitz do? Well, he went along with the decision to allow STR renters on docks (so much for keeping our lake private...), and he has done NOTHING to increase transparency, even though he emphasized it 3 times in his statements. On the contrary, he inserted himself into the CLOSED DOOR TO MEMBERS Litigation Committee, spearheaded the push for more member fee increases, and has not once demonstrated his support for member polls or surveys regarding important issues. So much for transparency...

In addition, he is the gatekeeper of the new ALA Member to Member Communications Program which has resulted in blocking, denying, refunding and erasing emails and stopping ALA members from communicating with each other via the previous email blast program. He is being recalled, but he won't recuse himself from the process, and he slow rolls almost every email that involves a recall, on top of allowing them to be modified, censored and ERASED...

And, as far as honesty, all we have to do is look at his history in terms of his decision to leave the legal profession rather than face the Bar Association for allegedly practicing law in another state without a license to do so... Past Board member, Tony O'Keefe (who ran against Kaitz), said the following of Kaitz:

"Mr. Kaitz lacks the character to serve as a member of this Board."

Frankly, Kaitz has done the exact opposite of what he promised to do during his campaign. So much for being the "Fiscal Watchdog" he claims to be...

DAVID DAHL: He is the President of the ALA. The main guy with the most power on this Board. Suffice to say that he is directly responsible for the poor direction and decisions this Board makes.

He demonstrated poor leadership in handling the STR Access to STR owned docks, and hid behind GM Bob Mattison, who gave members the news that STR renters now have access to str owned docks. No vote, no discussion, no member input. No leadership. He denied you the 84% of members that voted to ban strs from the lake.

In addition, he pushed through the failed dredging project, at a cost to members of $254,000, and then declared that it was a success...

He spearheaded the move to change the Member to Member Communications system into one that makes it more difficult for members to communicate with each other, forcing them to log in to the ALA website to view them, and which literally ERASES Member emails from the system after a brief period of time. On top of that, he is censoring those emails by removing important information and links from them.

Furthermore, in the Spring 2023 ALA Survey, of the 81% of members who expressed a preference, 55% of those want the old system back, compared to 45% who want the emails posted on the website. In spite of this MAJORITY of members who want the previous system, Dahl and his cronies on the Board (those being recalled) decided to keep the new system in place.

There was/is absolutely no reason to replace the previous system, other than to STIFLE, CENSOR, SUPPRESS and HIDE and ERASE forever, complaints about Dahl's behavior and actions, from the membership... Really, though, given his deplorable performance thus far, can you blame him?

JIM HANNON: During his campaign, he said the following:

"I will limit fee increases through sensible spending and oversight on legal costs and pet projects..." and "With an MBA in finance and strategy (UCLA), I hate wasteful spending and huge fee increases"

Yet he chose to allow the dredging pet project, as well as the dock starts... And, voted to increase our fees, ignoring the previous Board's promise that more than half of last year's historically large fee increase was to be a "one time only" increase". So much for that MBA...

Hannon will tell you that he is a numbers guy, and he will brag about his MBA, but he voted for Dredgegate where they contracted with Apex to dredge 5000 cubic yards out of Village Cove during this historic winter. This was his Pet Project. He promised to do surveys on costly projects, but he did not even do one. He did not listen to the members who said do not dredge over winter!!! ALA got an F on the project after spitballing they got 2200 cubic yards dredged. (We dispute that amount and think only 250 yards was dredged). Hannon, in his explanation, did not talk cubic yards he talked about achieving the desired contour. He hid the truth and did not want to talk numbers as it did not serve him well.

Hannon was on the STR Ad Hoc that voted to grant access to strs on owners docks in Sept/Oct of 22. Then he brought it back and said it was not tabled properly and then all of a sudden, with no vote and a simple statement by the GM, str renters have access to str owners docks. No vote, no input, no transparency. Hannon has to be recalled.

Hannon also said "and restore accountability and trust with open, honest and full disclosure of information, and stop backroom, closed door decision making..."

Yet he chose to be on the closed-to-members, behind the scenes, closed door, no disclosure whatsoever to members, Litigation Committee...

He also said that he would"conduct ALA member surveys on costly projects and other key decisions"

Yet there hasn't been even ONE member survey on any particular project or key decision, has there?

Frankly, we're sick of empty campaign promises, and we hope you are too...

BUD MACER: During his campaign, he said the following:

"I will support a responsible budget and stop non-essential Pet Projects and overspending" and "I will conduct member polls and surveys for major bylaw changes, projects and improvements..." and "I will treat all members with respect, dignity and fairness and rebuild trust"... and "I will do everything to keep our lake private and secure"... and "I will bring stability to our Board of Directors..."

Well, true to form, and in lock-step with the others, he didn't do any of that... No member polls, voted for the fee increase and the new Member to Member Communications system, did not stop strs from being on docks... Basically, Macer has done absolutely nothing to "rebuild trust"...

These are just SOME of the things Directors Kaitz, Hannon, Dahl, and Macer have done.

We believe they should be RECALLED for not living up to their campaign promises to members, and for their egregious acts to date, which are, in our opinion, not in the best interest of ALA members.

If you agree, please sign the petition so that we can replace them with Directors with integrity, who believe that their purpose should be to serve the membership.