This is the Recall Process, per the ALA bylaws:

For at-Large A and B areas, we need 5% of the members to sign the Recall petition. So, assuming we have 4479 +- members, we need 224+ ALA Members in good standing to sign and send in the recall petitions.

For districts, we need 15% of each district:

So, for Bud Macer in the West District, we need: 124 signed petitions
For Alan Kaitz in the South District, we need: 138 signed petitions
For Jim Hannon in the East District, we need 111 signed petitions.

Here are the paid Member numbers (supplied by GM Bob Mattison, via email, on June 22, 2023).

So, once we get enough petitions signed for each director, plus a decent margin of error, we will request a meeting with the General Manager, and have a petition count. Once ALA has verified the signatures, and that we have the proper numbers, they will have to put on a recall election, where the majority wins. For example, if there are 1,000 votes and 501 are to recall, then that Board member is recalled. Then, depending on how much time they have left in their term, the board can appoint a new director, or a new vote will have to happen.

Voting nowadays is most likely electronic and done through Member Leap, and is not a huge expense. The huge expense is retaining this board and allowing them to CONTINUE to make costly mistakes on huge projects, continue to allow the lake to be unsafe by allowing STR renters on docks, and continue to refuse to live up to their campaign promises. It is a Private Lake and you voted to keep it that way. We are just supporting your desires by doing a recall to right the wrongs of this current board of directors. So please, if you agree that this Board needs to go, sign the petition and mail it to

P.O. Box 787
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352