Here are the main reasons why Members want to RECALL these Directors:

David Dahl, Board President and At Large B

Poor leadership in handling the STR Access to STR owned docks issue. Dahl hid behind General Manager Bob Mattison, who gave members the news that STR renters now have access to STR owned docks. No vote, no discussion, no member input. No leadership. He completely ignored the thousands of you 84%ers that voted to ban STRs from the lake.

Dredgegate - This was a $254,000 MISTAKE that Dahl pushed and it failed and then, instead of owning up to that, he claimed that it was a great outcome. And guess who paid for it? If you guessed "the members", you guessed right..

Membership Dues - Dahl and the other Directors who are at the focal point of this Recall effort, ignored the committment of the previous Board which, after increasing dues by a whopping 22%, PROMISED, in writing, that 14% of that increase was a "one time only" increase... When it came down to the 2023 budget, he and Kaitz made the decision not only to ignore the previous Board's written promise, they increased our fees by another 5%, which computes to a 19% increase (the 14% we did not get back, plus 5% for 2023), after last year's 22% increase. No honor. no integrity.

Member to Member Email Communications - Dahl made it much more difficult for members to communicate with each other, and now censors members... He and the other Directors named in this Recall effort, for no apparent reason (other than their claim that it costs $16,000 out of a $7,000,000 annual budget, which is absurd), voted to change the member to member communications program which has been in use for many years, and now members are forced to either pay $200 to send an email to members (which previously was free), OR have them appear temporarily on the ALA website.

This denies members the ability to send emails to each other unless they are willing to pay $200 per email, as we have in the past, or use the new clunky website method which is difficult to use, and which forces members to log in to the ALA website in order to read member emails. No notice that a communication has been submitted by a member, and email communications are deleted after a period of time so, if you miss one, it's gone forever. Any links on the emails are removed (which is censoring). He stalled and then changed email blasts about the recall effort instead of recusing himself from the entire process.

Denise Loxton, Lake Safety Chairperson and At Large A Director

Loxton has put in rules (such as dock starts) to benefit her water ski buddies and which have made the lake unsafe. She put friends over safety.

Loxton has not lived up to ANY of her campaign promises (see the page on this website which elaborates on this), and said she would not approve Pet Projects, which she has done. Dredgegate was done on her watch and it was a complete failure.

Loxton promised to fight against the STRs but now that she is elected, they are allowed to go on STR owned docks, which results in a huge lake safety and liability issue.

Loxton inserted herself onto the behind-closed-doors "Litigation Committee", where decisions are made regarding the STR lawsuit, with zero member input, contrary to her campaign promise to involve Members in important decisions. Furthermore, being on this committee while having a personal friendship with one of the STR lawsuit plaintiffs, represents a very serious conflict of interest.

Loxton makes up a lot of useless rules in Lake Safety that take away member rights. She promised no bylaw changes without a member vote.

Jim Hannon - East District

Hannon will tell you he is a numbers guy, and apparently he is, but only when they serve him well. He voted for Dredgegate, where they contracted with Apex to dredge 5000 cubic yards out of Village Cove during this historic winter. This was his Pet Project. He promised to do member surveys on costly projects, but to date has not done one member survey on a costly project. We wonder why he did not do one on this extremely costly project? He did not listen to the members who said do not dredge over winter. ALA got an F on the project after spitballing they got 2200 cubic yards dredged. We dispute that amount and believe that only 250 yards was dredged, but they refuse to produce documents we have asked for to prove this. Hannon explained that he did not talk cubic yards he talked about "achieving the desired contour". He hid the truth and did not want to talk numbers as it did not serve him well.

Hannon was on the STR Ad Hoc that voted to grant access to STRs on owners docks in Sept/Oct of 22. Then he brought it back and said it was not tabled properly and then all of a sudden, with no vote, and a simple statement by the GM, STR renters have access to STR owners docks. No vote, no input, no transparency. He has to be recalled.

Alan Kaitz - South District

Kaitz is the gatekeeper of the ALA email blast program and he has done a wonderful job of blocking, denying, refunding and stopping ALA members from communicating with other ALA members via the email blast program. He is being recalled, but he will not recuse himself from the email communications process, and he slow rolls almost every email that involves a recall, on top of allowing ALL emails to be modified, censored and ERASED...

Kaitz happens to live in, you guessed it, Dredgegate Bay and he went against the ALA Dredging Policy and voted to pay for having ALA member docks dredged. He said his dock was not going to be dredged, but once the final report came out, it certainly looked like it had been dredged...

Kaitz is STR friendly. He sent a member advocate email to the lead Plaintiff in the STR lawsuit case within 4 hours, and then sent it out to membership two weeks later.

He is not our "fiscal watchdog", as he said in his campaign brochure. He has been involved in dredgegate, he was on the Board during Fencegate, which will probably cost members about $200,000 when all is said and done. Kaitzs' actions show he is against fishing. He spearheaded the process of redirecting Grass Valley dock funds and cut the fishing budget by $5000 this year.

Bud Macer - West District

Dredgegate was done on his watch, as was granting access to STR renters on STR owned docks, as was the destruction of the Member to Member email system. He appears to be pro-STR, having admitted that he would negotiate with STRs in his campaign in 2020. He is the Shoreline Chairman and he wants to control the number of lights on your dock. He is ok with having STRs on docks because, you guessed it, he lives in a gated community that does not allow STRs, but the lights have got to be changed, according to him...

Macer has offered no independent thought or ideas, has literally done nothing on his own to make this lake better, and consistently votes in lockstep with the above group.